Interactive Brand House

We’ll look after your brand. Its image, development and management thereof. Our services are based on long term market analyses and contemporary design trends. We use state of the art technology, supported by immaculate design to create an inseparable bond between the brand and the customer. We have the ability to make our designs break through the media noise and hit their targets.

Our business constitutes comprehensive and interactive brand services and branding. From building the foundation of a brand image - logo, claim, corporate identity, all the way to technologically advanced websites, applications and photo / motion productions.

We are a well-oiled team, able to tackle even the most challenging customer requirements, always flexible and geared towards the emotive.



Development of a brand’s unique profile, brand communication in accordance with the latest trends.


Here you’ll find:

- communication strategy,
- brand identity,
- brand archetypes,
- brand aspects,
- corporate identity,
- naming and copywriting,
- signage,
- DTP, packaging,
- social media,
- creation of dedicated content for a product / brand.
- key visuals and comprehensive ATL/BTL advertising campaign production


From simple, to complex - websites, applications, always responsive, always multi-platform, never bland or unreliable. In a word - perfect.


Here you’ll find:

- functional and technical analyses,
- user experience,
- prototyping and wireframing,
- developing information architecture,
- standalone/web application UI design,
- mobile applications design,
- web design,
- e-commerce systems design,
- introductions to state of the art technologies,
- functional audits and tests,
- consulting

- everything you can think of, but don’t know how to put into practice - together we are bound to find a way.

Photo & Motion

An image captured in a hundredth of a second or its sequences - content photo/video will always be the most sought after form of direct marketing.


Here you’ll find:

- storyboarding,
- event reports in the form of video productions,
- web / youtube / facebook (adverts) campaign video spots,
- productions for the needs of websites,
- product animations (aftereffects / 3D),
- webcasts,
- video reviews,
- packshot type studio photography (catalogues/ www),
- arranged studio photography,
- interiors / architecture photography,
- photographs for 3d presentations

Redesigning current brands.

We launch new brands onto the market, manage them and refresh those which are in need. Brand redesign is an area where we also feel perfectly at home. Redesign does not mean new. Often, when analysing a given product, we put a lot of effort into identifying its best aspects, show them from a new angle, perhaps differently than to date - but not in a random manner. We always proceed in accordance with the art of branding - communication and clarity are paramount.


Present your products in better light.

We produce photographic and video material to design specification. A website without an interesting motion, or a product catalogue, without decent photographs, represents money thrown down the drain. Our customers’ products, be it a physical product or a service, always constitute a priority which needs to be marketed in the best light. From web based films, through internet advertising materials all the way to video productions worth their salt - we will be more than glad to help you with any or all of these.


Would you talk about your brand?

All quotes are free of charge. They entail no obligation. So why not ask us how much it’s going to cost? We do not have a fixed price list. We approach each job in the basis of its particular merits, that is why, each project is priced individually right from the start. Write to us - you have nothing to lose, and it might turn out that we are 5 times cheaper than the competition, and, to add insult to injury - much better ;-)