Software House

We develop software based on web technologies. We are thoroughly familiar with dedicated IT systems, performing various business functions.

From bespoke systems with no market equivalents, all the way to B2B and e-commerce systems.
We have our own platform which we are continuously developing, We also make use of off-the-shelf as well as open source solutions. Solutions to be applied are chosen according to the needs of the given implementation.

Our products feature multi-platform support and stand out on account of excellent solutions used therein. We are up to date with the latest trends.



We know all the technologies listed below thoroughly. Thus, if we are to develop an existing product, and it is based on one of the technologies shown below, we will do so naturally and without problems. An analysis is done in order to select a technology for a new project, which then tells us what language to use.

We do not use environments just because they seem to be the most popular at the moment. Our decisions are always well thought out.

Initial stage

From a needs analysis, all the way to the creation of technological and functional documentation.


Here you’ll find:

- functional and technical analyses
- documentation development
- prototyping and wireframing,
- developing information architecture
- SWOT analyses
- developing and determining schedules
- project management
- analizy funkcjonalne oraz technologiczne

The nitty gritty

We roll up our sleeves and get down to work on the basis of the supplied or draw-up documents.


Here you’ll find:

- open source solutions - implementations
- bespoke solutions - implementations
- integrations with ERP / CRM systems
- integrations with other IT systems in place
- implementation of electronic payment facilities to IT systems
- implementations of mobile applications
- tests and audits

Working systems

There is always something to be done - post implementation services are paramount - always tailored to the customer’s expectations.


Here you’ll find:

- consulting
- services pursuant to a SLA
- maintenance of developer environments
- help desk service for a project
- continual system performance analysis

Tailor made e-commerce

We focus on achieving the perfect balance between good and user experience, always geared for sales. Our e-commerce platforms aim to facilitate a simple sales process. A few years ago, we were able to begin our adventure with implementations on the basis of the experience gained in working with major software market players. Now our possibilities are endless.
No integration is impossible. There is no e-commerce system which cannot be developed. The sky is the limit.


A mobile application is the future you can not avoid.

Today’s growth of mobile technologies is tipping the user scale and we do realise that most traffic is generated by mobile devices. Games, bespoke native applications or highly advanced RWD websites which make it possible for an application to perform its functions through a browser - we don’t even need an idea - we just need to know what you’d like to do.
We will help in forging an idea into an interesting product.


Do you need an IT system or start-up valuation?

All quotes are free of charge. They entail no obligation. So why not ask us how much it’s going to cost? We do not have a fixed price list. We approach each job in the basis of its particular merits, that is why, each project is priced individually right from the start. Write to us - you have nothing to lose, and it might turn out that we are 5 times cheaper than the competition, and, to add insult to injury - much better ;-)